Gatesec is a residential estate gate security system that offers the following services:

  • Registration of Tenants and their vehicles.
  • Registration of Tenants relatives and other occupants into the system.
  • Authorisation of tenants’ vehicles in and out of the estate.
  • Authorisation of visitors into the estate.
  • Authorisation of visitors’ vehicles in to the estate.
  • Verification of details given by the visitors to ensure that what’s been provided is indeed true.

Some of the system features include: 

  • Check-in and out of a tenant takes less than 5 seconds.
  • Masking and encryption of user data hence no one can steal user data and go to sell it.
  • The system has ability to seek authorization from a tenant if someone else is leaving the estate in the tenant’s vehicle.
  • The system is able to seek authorization from a tenant to allow a visitor in.
  • Ability to authenticate a visitor by sending an OTP to their phone so that they don’t give false information at the gate.
  • Ability to save frequent visitor’s information for easier processing next time.

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